Expedition to Brazil ZTE work with VIVO to promote TV phone


        Expedition to Brazil  ZTE work with VIVO to promote  TV phone

2010,April 14th to 15th ,invited by the president of  Federative Republic of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ,President Hu Jintao paid a state visit to Brazil .During the visitation,President Hu Jintao  talded with President Luiz.The two of the state's leaders exchanged their ideas of the bilateral ties and the areas of common interest,as well as the international problems. They spoke highly of this meeting ,and considered the visitation a pushment of the strategic partnership between this two countries.

                             President Hu signed tens of Alliance Agreement with president Luiz   

          Among the tens of Alliance Agreements ,as the positive achievement of the business cooperation between the two countries ,the alliance agreement between the ZTE and  Brazil VIVO company about N290 digital television cellphone  drew many attention from the industry. 


ZTE N920 TV phone become the focus point of the  business cooperation between the two countries

         ZTE N920 TV phone , the new generation of the TV phone that ZTE cooperate with our company,adopt the Rockchip RK2718 double-system chip,supporting ISDB-T and DVB-T,two of the international digital mobile TV standard .It is also  compatible with the video format MPEG-4、WMV9、RM/RMVB、FLV、3GP、MPEG-1、MPEG-2 and audio format APE、WAV、FLAC、MP3、WMA、OGG、AAC、AAC+、RA、DRM9、DRM10 ,which was benefitted by the use of Rockchip RK2718 ,the rapid integration ,module design,balanced utilize terrace.ZTE N290 mobilephone won the ratificationof the biggest cellphone operator VIVO,which showed the self-innovation and self-creation dynamic of the Chinese IT industry.

                   Rockchip RK2718 program help the mobile phone operator open up to the whole world

       "By the cooperation with the Front -end chip industy, the Rockchip firstly launched double -system mobile TV solution could meet the market's need ."said by the M.D. ChenFeng."The Rockchip chose to support the ISDB-T and DVB-T is based on the actual  demand of the market and the benifition of the manufacturers .According to the  actual  demand of the market ,DVB-T is widely used in European,Southeast Asia,Russia, Africa,while ISDB-T is widely used in Japan,and Brazil, Chile ,Argentina,Peru in Poncho .Therefore ,connected this two system,our business would cover almost the whole world except the North America, China and Korea's digital TV market.By a use of complete machine ,we can meet the vast majority global market's demand ." 


Rockchip RK2718 cellphone TV program ,meet the need of the operators from every countries

        In Brazil ,the football kingdom, the World Cup that will be hold in June 11th ,2010,will light the enthusiasm of the country's 200 million people .As the best choice to watch the sport broadcasting at any time ,ZTE N290 Mobile TV will cooperate with VIVO ,to show the fight of magnitude to people of Brazil by a distinct, smooth and stable mobilt TV service.



                      Mobile TV,direct broadcasting the splendidness of the World Cup 

Apposed One :the introduction of ZTE N290 


The Speciality:

  Large Screen

  Mobile TV

  High Definition Camera

  Audio Player

  Video Player

  Bluetooth 2.0


  Overlength TaskState

  FM Radio

  USB2.0 High-speed Port

  Product Parameter

  Weight: 110g

  Screen:3.2"multicolour ,240 * 400 pixel, 262K color ,TFT color monitor

  Camera Shooting:2million poxel camera
  Extend: support 8GB Micro-SD 



   64 chord and MP3 ring
   Address list :1000

  Holding time :10 hours

   TaskState : 500 hours
Apposed Two: Introduction of the Related Companies

     ZTE is one of the listed world's leading comprehensiveness communication manufacturers and the supplier of the global communication solution. Most of the ZTE products are in the leading position in the market and had  established a long-term cooperation with China Mobile ,China Telecom,and China Unicom.In the international telecom market , ZTE have offered superior and high cost performance products and services to about 500 operators from 140 countries and areas in the world,establishing a long-term cooperation with many of the main  stream  telecom  including the France Telecom,Britain Telecom,Vodafone,Australia Telecom and so on.

       VIVO ,the joint ventures of  the Spain company Telefonica Moviles and the Portuqal Telecom ,is the biggest mobile telecom operator in the Southern Hemisphere. The transition from a CDMA operator ranked Top Three in the world to an excellent GSM operator ,is really a great success. It focus on the operation of GSM and CDMA dual net with 47million users.


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