Rockchip releases 3G Mobile Internet Platform


  China International Exhibition of Information and Communication (Beijing Telecommunications Exhibition) was successfully held in Beijing in October 2010.Focus on the theme"innovation leads the development, integration achieves  the future",Information and communications industries in and abroad had gained a extensive idea exchange and cooperation on technology and marketing.Mobile Internet and tri-networks integration become the hot spots of the exhibition.As the best designer, Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. released the 3G mobile Internet solution,the self-design and self-develop it showed to the spectators become the mark of the rising of Chinese IT industry.


Rockchip "hand in one chip,mobile on Internet" 3D Mobile Internet solution release ceremony.

Beijing -2010 China International Exhibition

Rockchip in the International Exhibition of Information and Communication

Rockchip 3G mobile Internet Solutions gain much attention

  In the Rockchip booth,the Director of Fujian Information Bureau Shao Yulong, ARM China General Manager Mr. Wu Xiong'ang, Google Vice President Dr. Liu Yun, Rockchip CEO Li Min, Rockchip CMO Chen Feng and other guests attended the ceremony, lit the chiptree.

  Five honored guests lit the chiptree together.

Rockchip booth

  Rockchip 3G mobile Internet solution is based on a new generation of Rockchip RK2818,with Android open-source intelligence system can gain full support of three international 3G standards:TD-SCDMA、WCDMA、CDMA2000.

  Among them,the mature Android +3 G Tablet PC solution which is the first one that can support all the 3G datacard has drew much attention.

Part of the MID /Tablet PC's screens covers f5-inches to 10.1-inch

The pecfect man-machine interation adds more  vigour

Android +3 G Tablet PC solution own more extended applications

  Rockchip is outstanding in the area of the communications field as well.3G/2.5G solutions were put use.Android +3 G smart phone was gathered Android smart,HD and 3G Internet together that can compatible with TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000Android +2.5 G smart phones introduces high-definition multimedia Android smart phone platform.


The new Android smart phones gain much attention

People are trying the new terminal products

  Android +3 G information machine introduces the intelligent application and 3G multimedia entertainment services 3G,which is abreast of times and trends.It would be a new development direction of future terminal products.

3D PMP, MP3, MP4, e-books and other end products

Rockchip  is the first manufacturer go with Android

Multi-touch, 500 million pixel, WVGA screen, Android 2.1 systems,Rockchip smart phones are popular among girls

  In the new conference for the new products,Rockchip CMO Chen Feng also mentiones that the RK29XX family will come sonn.RK29XX will bring us more suprise.

RK Series is worth to looking forward

Friends from every fields come to join the gathering

The exhibition is exciting

2010 @ 3G - Rockchip Electronics, together with the chip, mobile to the Internet

  China's HongKong Spring  Electronics Products Exhibition always have a greater influence in the DCN wierless market of the whole country. It is one of the best choice for the global tip manufacturers to launch their new products.This year,it's boisterous as usual,and there is a big news ,that is the home of the Android Robort in China -Rockchip ,has developped more toys.2010,April 13th -16th ,in the HongKong Spring  Electronics Products Exhibition, Hello  Android, is the bright spot of this exhibition.As the leading brand of the chip design ----Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd is launching the new generation of mobile internet solution and a series of leading terminal products. Rockchip, through this exhibition ,by the omnibearing show of the products and deep convey of the conception,stretch toward the wider group of users , dig the deeper content service,and explore the higher application value,aim at making the 2010 year the mobile internet year.

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