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China International Exhibition of Information and Communication is in full swing in October, Beijing. Focus on post-3G business innovation and mobile Internet terminal development, the high-level of operators and manufacturers in and abroad discuss and actively explore to open communication revolution new ideas in the exhibition. During the exhibition, Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. hold  press conference whose themes are "hand in hand by one chip, mobile internet" Rockchip chip tree & 3G mobile internet solution in booth 6015/Hall 6, releases mobile internet solution based on Android +3G, covering Android +3G Tablet, Android +3G smart phone, Android +2.5 G smart phone and Android +3 G information machine.

  There,Android +3 G smart phones have achieved Android smart + HD innovative +3G Internet applications, collocation with large capacity DDRII cache,and control more completely , more balanced.It can fully compatible with TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, standard CDMA2000 . Android +2.5 G smart phone meets the needs of mature consumer market,and makes Android smart phone more popular. 

  At the exhibition, five guests lit the chip tree.

  The Director of Fujian Information Bureau speaks highly of Rockchip  .He also promise that the goverment will build a better industrial environment, and promote the development of high-tech enterprises in Fujian.

  As a partner of Rockchip, Allen Wu, China general manager of ARM thinks that "Rockchip is a farsighted company".

By the sight of Dr. Liu Yun, President of Google China, Rockchip seized the advantage of the mobile Internet, he speaks highly of the future development of Rockchip.

Rockchip smart phone attract many spentators.

Yangtze River -3 / Yangtze -5 smart phones, using RK2818 + Android 2.1 platform,support 5 capacitive touch.

Both products are special designed,relatively speaking, the left one Yangtze River -5 put more independent style use.

Yangtze River-3 is the world's first Android smart phone that support 5 capacitive touch.

Yangtze -3 is based on  Android 2.1and a 3.5-inch 800 * 480 (WVGA) high-definition screen.

Yangtze River 5 designs ingenious, same style of the mainstream smart phone,especially for Asian.

Rockchip's RK2818 + Android smartphone added 3D display technology, both HD and 3D are available.

The new smart phone integrate the TD-SCDMAfor the first time  and Android2.1 to achieve the connection of local 3G and international mobile Internet communications services.

Different from the OMS system, Android 2.1 systems support open source,more flexible, and rich software resources make the smart phone's 3G application more comprehensive and balanced.

  Rockchip's 3G mobile Internet chip solution mainly show the local chip designer's energy of self-develop and self-design.By virtue of maturity and reliable,advanced technology and perfect service,Rockchip open up a new to Mobile Internet,its products expand the market,support the fasten building of tri-network integration.

Exhibition Information

2010 China International Exhibition
Beijing - China International Exhibition Center
Address: North Third Ring East Road, No.6 Chaoyang District, Beijing,
booth: Hall 6 6015
Time: 2010 October 11 to 15

Rockchip Microelectronics

  Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics CO., Ltd is a national recognized IC(Inteqrated Circuit) design company. Rockchip , which is focus on the chipdisign of the Consumer electronic in the mobile internet, is a professional supplication of individual mobile intelligence terminal. The self-R&D RK series won the “China chip - the best performance award” for the third consecutive year, continued to hold the highest honour in the Chinese IC design field and “Optimum Design Company” in 2009, which make our company the first brand of the chipdisign in the multymedia field.Rockchip's cooperators are around the world and has become the top brand of Mobile Internet chip solution.Rockchip's headquarter is in Fuzhou whose main work is designing and developing;it's branches are in Beijing and Shenzhen,mainly work on branch progroms and marketing.China International Exhibition


China International Exhibition
 2010 China International Exhibition of Information and Communications (P & T / EXPO COMM CHINA 2010)was held in China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) in Beijing during October 11 to 15.The exhibition attracted 13 countries and more than 500 units.The total exhibition area are over 45,000 square meters and is one of the largest exhibition in the world."Innovation leads the development, integration achieves the future" is the theme of the exhibition.The exhibition covers information communication,internet,broadcast and other areas.Tri-network integration,3G applications, 4G forward-looking technology development, green communications, new media have become the highlight of this exhibition.


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