Rockchip's new products and technologies have been shown at 2015 CES


      On January 7,2015 Beijing time, Rockchip showed the world its intelligent devices series of new technology and products: 64 bit chip RK3368, IOT intelligent hardware platform, H.265 transcoder, security system, and $9.9 dongle solution and so on. Rockchip demonstrated a brand new start of 2015 through the new intelligent ecosystem.

     Firstly, RK3368 adopted 64bit Octacore and android L system appeared the first time.
     Rockchip published a new product based on ARM processor—RK3368, a new generation of high-end solution aiming at intelligent devices and smart TV.
     The highlight of RK3368 is that it adopts 64bit Octacore Cortex-A53 architecture. Cortex-A53 is Arm’s processor with the most high performance, it could provide a phone with three times performance of current top-level smart phone. The operating frequency of RK3368 is 1.5GHz. Octacore Cortex-A53 could not only operate with full-speed under high load situation but also lower the frequency and turn into low power consumption mode under low load situation. The most remarkable of RK3368 is that its core Cortex-A53 supports 64bit operations, which could double the processor data stream’s width. Cortex-A53 could also support larger internal storage, which could provide with higher efficiency when processing large-scale data.

     RK3368 has inherited RK3288’s advantages: supporting 2560x1600 ultrahigh resolution, 4Kx2K H.265 hard decoding, HDMI 2.0 output, and the image quality of real 4K.

   Secondly, the $9.9 dongle solution
     Dongle solution has become the most amazing Internet Video solution. Rockchip has published a $9.9 dongle solution at CES.

     This solution adopts RK3036, and supports H.265. Users could get full box experience by connecting it to TV. This $9.9 solution would strongly promote the popularization of dongle solution.
     Thirdly, the new H.265 transcoder
     At CES, Rockchip published and displayed the brand new H.265 transcoding technology developed by Rockchip independently. It could transcode multichannel HD videos in real-time, and transcode different formats of input videos to H.265 type to get output. Besides flagship chips and solutions like RK3368 and RK3288, Rockchip will embed this technology in all chips. With the universal popularization of 4K TV and Rockhchip’s H.265 transcoding technology which would be widely used in intelligent devices like TV-Boxes and tablets, users will experience real 4K in the near future.

     Fourthly, IOT intelligent hardware platform
     The appearance of numerous smart home products in recent years have made the internet not only confined to PC or smart phone. This is also a sign of popularization of IOT.

     Rockchip has shown a brand new IOT intelligent hardware system. An open IOT platform which could provide each furnishing with the ability to access to the internet, and then user could control all furnishing through one intelligent furnishing. 


     ROCKCHIP  SECURITY SYSTEM  is a brand new hardware safety solution. It was based on the ARM TrustZone technology and embedded in Rockchip’s ARM Cortex A series of chips. This technology could provide users with greater security and better experience, and realize more simple and convenient connect to digital network. When the user connection is more often and with more application data exchange, Rockchip security system could provide users with more intelligent and quik user secure channel.
     In the end, Rockchip’s new products and new intelligent solutions could provide the development of future mobile intelligent devices with more innovative choices. These also demonstrate that Rockchip’s would develop into a technology-oriented, intelligentized, and diversified enterprise. In future diversified intelligent solution field, we will meet more and more innovative and proactive products and solutions from Rockchip.

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