RK IoV Solution | SoFIA 3G-R Assists Car-mounted Devices with Upgraded Smart Reaview Mirror


At 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Rockchip displayed its SoFIA 3G-R Smart Rear View Mirror, and its seven major extraordinary features are shown below:

1. Android Platform supports double-circuit camera (1080P+VGA) for simultaneous recording and real-time navigation

Compared with traditional stand-alone Android rear-view products, SoFIA 3G-R platform can realize real-time navigation and enable the core function of stable recording of double-circuit video via Android platform.

2. Cost-effective Hardware Integration Solution

WIFI/BT/GPS/3G/PMU/FM are integrated into one mass. By means of high-integration hardware platform, relevant costs can be controlled within USD 30!

3. Quad-core Automobile Data Recorder Solution

SoFIA 3G-R has applied Atom 4-core framework into service with unique performance better than 4-core Cortex-A7. Network media testing data are shown below: exceeding 40% or so.

4. Quad-core Powerful Full HD 60fps Experience with Multi-window Display

Based on RK traditional Android multi-window technology, it can realize simultaneous display of navigation and video recording on the mainstream wide screen.

5. Support Full HD H.265/H.264 Decoding and Voice-control Identification Input

The most powerful multimedia performance will present the user with theater-level experience. As the only product that supports self-developed H.265 hardcore decoding, it is well equipped with various voice-control software including iFLYTEK and Unisound.

6. Advanced ADAS algorithm to enable tracking, distance measurement, vehicle license recognition and anti-collision functions

Detailed ADAS Function Demonstration Video

7. Pre-assembled Android 5.1 Automobile Data Recorder Solution

Compared with other chip suppliers with android4.4 as the system, RK automobile data recorder solution has applied the latest android5.1 system into service.

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