Rockchip to Showcase Full Line of Microprocessors Through End-User Smart Applications and IoT Products


 Rockchip to Exhibit from Booth 31663 at 2016 International CES

Rockchip will showcase their complete lineup of microprocessors through more than a dozen end-user devices and applications at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6-9.

Accentuating the company’s overarching theme of “Smart Your Life,” Rockchip will exhibit from Booth 31663 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Headlined by the RKI6000, widely recognized as ultra-low power WiFi technology for everyday products and appliances, Rockchip will continue to fuel the ongoing development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, clearly demonstrating how the Fuzhou-based company develops WiFi-enabled products that operate faster, process more efficiently, with a smaller footprint and at a lower price point. 

“The proof is in the product,” says Feng Chen, Senior VP of Rockchip.  “At CES, we will showcase a number of end-user devices – guaranteed to ‘wow’ visitors to our booth.  They will experience web-based applications that are faster to load and more responsive; games that look more realistic and lifelike; tablets and smart TVs that are far more versatile; and wearables that are increasingly more functional.

“Our new microchips are experiential game-changers, clear across the board.”

Among more than a dozen Rockchip powered devices on display at CES, featured products at the Rockchip booth will include:

Drone; (fueled by the RK3288);

·      Robots for kids; (fueled by the RK3288);

·      A low-power 3G smart watch and other smart wearable devices – for both children and sports – (powered by the RK6321);

·      Smart car rearview mirrors, (deploying the RK PX2 & SoFIA 3G-R[x3-C3230RK] chips) that support double-circuit camera for simultaneous recording and real time in-vehicle navigation machines (supported by the RK PX2 & RK PX3 microprocessors);

·     Home entertainment applications (powered by the RK nanoD) to support Wireless Home Stereo Systems and an IoT WiFi Control Center (deploying the RKi6000) to deliver a powerful theater-level multimedia experience;

·      Chromebook and other tablets with Light Biz OS, (integrating the RK3288 which supports Android, Chrome and Windows 10 Operating Systems) which features faster processing speeds and a more realistic gaming environment;


·      A fancy VR head-mounted device with a variety of stereoscopic 3D games, also deploying the RK3288 processor;  

·   In addition to other Rockchip-driven technology-based products.


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