CES 2016 Review: Rockchip Has Exhibited Wireless Virtual Reality Gaming RK3288 at CES 2016


 Rockchip, one of China’s leading Semiconductor company and mobile SoC (System-on-Chip) solution provider which is already a major player in the Virtual Reality gaming world, the latest Wireless Virtual reality Gaming chip, the RK3288 has been shown at CES 2016 in January.

The Wireless VR headset by Rockchip is designed not just to eliminate the wire component from the VR headset but also offers high resolution or UHD viewing experience which gives life like visual gaming experience within a free-roaming movement environment. Along with the Wireless VR headset were displayed in CES 2016. 

Some of the impressive features of RK3288 chip are:
  • Left and right split-screen technology. Supports system-level split-screen technology on one side with one-button shift and split-screen technology on two different LCD screens;
  • Stereoscopic 3D game driver. Automatically extracting depth information, immediately shifting 2D games to 3D!
  • Distortion and dispersion adjustment technology. Cooperates with optical and structure to achieve optimal vision.
  • Pupillary distance adjustment technology. Provides best comfort to eyes with PD adjustment.
  • Support HDMI-In. Compatible with both PC games and video input.
Commenting on the launch, Feng Chen, Senior VP of Rockchip, said, “Rockchi has revolutionized the concept of VR gaming both for hardware manufacturers and the end user,”he added “For manufacturers, the ability to integrate a moderately priced chipset into their designs increases and expands their ability to competitively enter the marketplace – and for the consumers, they get to enjoy the benefits  of optimal VR performance through superior opticla visual design that’s compatible with most of the popular gaming platforms on the market”

Along with the Wireless RK3288 VR chip , other devices which has been on display at CES 2016 in Las Vegas which include the Nibiru (3D game VR glasses), HighGlass (wearable 3D movie glasses) .

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