Mainstream 4K P60 set-top box is put in mass production! Ultra HD experience, powered by Rockchip!


The 24th China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN2016) is opening ! Rockchip 4k P60 set-top box solution RK3228 is displayed on the show.

Rockchip has entered 4K HK set-top box field and been the first to mass produce RK3228, which supports new UHD standard, multidimensional ascending 4K and fluency, BT. 2020, HDMI2.0, 10 bit, P60 and brings high quality visual experience for the user. Also RK3288 carries a DRM solution, protect the 4K content. Rockchip has launched innovative graphics engine with a video processor to denies and effectively enhance the video effect at the same time. RK3288 solution supports HDR module, st2048 EOTFZ conversion standards, etc.. 

The superiors of Rockchip UHD set-top-box solution:

1.     4K

4K is four times that of the traditional 1080p TV. The pixel increased from 2 million to 8 million. There are obvious differences between 4K and 1080p on the details and effects of display. 

2. H. 265.

At the same case as 4K quality, H.265 standard will save half of the bandwidth than H.264 standard. In the case of low bandwidth, H.265 also allows you to obtain various exquisite quality, rich unsurpassed image details, smooth and natural playback. 

3. Support BT. 2020 standard

It uses wider color gamut space than conventional BT. 709, and can cover 78.5%! 

4. Support 10 bit

10 bit further reduces the noise quality and enhances the picture effect. 

5.  Support P60

The refresh rate of UHD image can reach 60p, which will enhance the smooth and delicate feeling of the UHD video 

6. Support the HDR

Enhance contrast and intelligently adjust brightness. Increase color gamut and show more color to achieve better color effect.

UHD Premium standard is rapidly developing which drives the development of the whole industry chain. It will be the trend of consumer electronics industry. Rockchip RK3228 will surely become one of the

most potential 4K set-top box solution in the market.

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