Rockchip Newly-released Flagship Chip RK3399 , Best Choice for VR all-in-one!


Along with its essential ecological chain partners, Rockchip organized the First VR Ecological Chain Convergence Summit at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on May 20, 2016 to release its VR flagship solution RK3399. 

It is reported that the summit covers the upstream, middle stream and downstream of the VR industrial chain, thus combining various types of resources like chips, all-in-one VR brands, platforms of resources, acquisition & broadcast brands as well as developers together so as to accelerate the development of the global VR industrial pattern and impose great influence.

”While the VR industry is developing, each element of this industry like chip solutions, contents, developers and brand owners should stick together in order to make the whole industrial chain grow faster and meanwhile, to support the maturing of developers, ecological system and commercial segment market. The VR ecological chain alliance we proposed is bound to boost VR popularization and enhance competitiveness as well. By adhering to our open-minded strategic concepts and product strategy of core-technology sharing, Rockchip is willing to construct a more powerful worldwide ecological industrial chain. ”said Chen Feng, Global Vice President of Rockchip at the VR Ecological Chain Summit.  

Additionally, Chen also announced RK3399, a chip solution targeted at the middle-to-high-end VR all-in-ones, which is in compliance with the three major VR industrial criteria, i.e.,lower than 20ms latency, over 75Hz screen refresh rate , 1K or above gyroscope refresh rate and the following eight technical strengths:   

1. Capable of 4K 360-degree panoramic video decoding and playing 2D/3D film sources; 

2. Lower than 20ms letency, refined five times when compared with the Android system before optimization; 

3. Screen refresh rate ranging from 75Hz to 120Hz;

4. 0.3 billion triangle output rate

5. Compatible with 2K/Dual FHD high resolution screens;

6. Allowed to use certain optical software to prevent distortion, dispersion and change the interpupillary distance; 

7. Support left and right split-screen technology

8. Compatible with mainstream game engine platforms

From the three perspectives, to be exact, the whole business picture of ARM, its product and technical structure and technical solutions for the semiconductor industry, Dennis Laudick, ARM’s MPG Vice President, introduced the corresponding products and services pertaining to the ARM’s ecological system, the core structure of ARM as well as how to realize the amazing mobile AR and VR experience in respect of GPU. Optically, Yang Yajun, CEO of 3DVSTAR revealed the VR anti-dizziness technology. At last, regarding how to optimize VR experience, , Zhu Xiaojun, CEO of Incartech, shared advantages of product design and VR technology so as to assist customers to wrap up resource integration and ensure both quality and quantity of VR all-in-ones. 

The relevant big players such as Liu Xiaofei, CEO of Nibiru, Chen Chaoyang, CEO of DeePoon, Shen Jingcheng, CEO of Airpi, Zhong Tianbin, CEO of Rayken, Yang Yajun, CEO of 3DVSTAR, Tang Hua, CEO of Inet-tek, Xu Aiguo, CEO of Sunchip Technology and Zhu Xiaojun, CEO of Incartech respectively shared their VR products, technical interaction and experience strengths with those who were present. 

Analysts in the industry considered that VR Ecological Chain Convergence Summit organized by Rockchip, an original chip manufacturer, bears great significance as it might help to integrate resources of VR ecological chain and completely get rid of the three major defects haunted the VR industry, namely, contents inadequacy, lack of standardized products and impractical concepts.     

Teamed up with RK3288 that is specifically designed for the low-to-middle-end VR market, the newly-released RK3399 , which targeted to middile-to-high-end VR market, supplements the VR industrial ecological chain, ultimately leading to a substantial improvement for the VR industrial manufacturers around the world in terms of either product quantity threshold, standardization, or competiveness.     

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