China Unicom and Rockchip jointly released Smart Voice product!


Last week, China Unicom and Rockchip jointly released the world's first HiFi sound quality Wireless HomeTheater Speaker, accelerating the development of Smart Home.

Based on Rockchip RKNanoD, Wireless HomeTheater Speaker is developed by China unicom 4K Laboratory and Rockchip, truly achieving 5.1 surround sound effect.  Built-in D/A, RKNanoD ensures audio data to be high quality recovered. The Wireless Home Theater Speaker uses WiFi as data transmission channel instead of audio cables, which is easier to facilitate the surround sound system at any time. The Wireless Home Theater Speaker adopts channel detection technology, to avoid other signal interference at the greatest extent, ensuring the sound quality and stability of the system.

Best choice of IoT Smart Home solution---RKNanoD, has Dual-core cortex-M3, and three advantages:

1.    Rich peripheral and connectivity: SDMMC, SDIO, USB2.0 OTG, E-ink I/F,  LCD i8080 I/F,  6 x UART,  2 x SPI,  1 x SFC, 3 x I2C, 2 x I2S, 5 x PWM, 8 x ADC, 56 x GPIO

2.    Low cost and high performance

3.    HiFi audio support


In early 2016, Rockchip has showed the prototype of Wireless Home Theater Speaker during CES. Audiovisual effects were excellent which attracted the attention of visitors and media at that time. With the cooperation between China Unicom and Rockchip, and the support of 4K Laboratory, Smart Home will be not only just a concept, but will get on implementation stage. Smart voice product will become one of the most important device in your smart home!

Pre:Rockchip was honored ChinaChip Best Market Performance award!   Next:China Unicom Terminal Autumn Fair, supported by Rockchip, is being held in Qingdao today!

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