Amazing back lighting/night view photography experience! Vision coprocessor RK1608 launched during MWC 2017


 MWC 2017 officially opened today! All kinds of mobile phone technologies are the key of this technology event. Rockchip released ahead of two groups of "backlight/night" photos, which are based on vision coprocessor RK1608 with the function of image enhancement, attracting lots of attentions in the industry.

Two groups of photos which are respectively based on high-end mobile phone solution and RK1608, showing the backlight, night view environment, RK1608 more prominent image signal processing, HDR, noise reduction and technical advantages such as exposure to balance.

 - Back lighting photography - 
In bright light, smartphone based on RK1608 can adjust color rendition, much clearer, showing more details in the photo.

 - Night view photography - 
In dark environment, smartphone based on RK1608 can clearly and naturally show the light source, and capture more details.

RK1608 technology features:

1. Frame based process, rather than line based in ISP
2. Multi frame process, RAW domain, better quality than YUV domain
3. Faster than AP process, 200ms process Multi frame de-noise
4. No impact AF/AWB, just fine tune AE of ISP

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